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Classic style and fine elegance are the characterizing elements of ‘La Mascot' brand. This brand is produced and distributed by Le Filande S.R.L., a company specialized for more than half of a century in producing clothes for babies. Romantic details and new collections inspired by the timeless elegance, have always been the strength of this brand that is present in the best boutiques in Italy and abroad for over 10 years.


The continuous search for details that make precious all products, the desire to create more functional and comfortable garments blend perfectly into the brand's models, able to innovate while remaining true to its leitmotif. The uniqueness of the decorations made by the expert hands and experience in the company of embroiderers turn every article into an expression of typical Italian style.

FRILO Swissmade

FRILO SWISSMADE has stood for high quality baby knitwear since 1927. Huttwil, in the Emmental valley, is a town that is rich in tradition and that lies in the heart of Switzerland. It is in this stunning location in the foothills of the Alps that our products have been manufactured for over three generations.


Precious natural fibres, such as 100% merino wool or cotton are processed from thread to finished product in two stages. With two seasonal collections, FRILO SWISSMADE offers a comprehensive range of basic products in short delivery times. Ideal for the specialist shop that would like to complement its assortment at any time without storage risk.


Carolo Baby is a Spanish firm that right from the start chose to make exclusive handmade clothes that are both designed and manufactured 100% in Spain.


Carolo Baby has made its mark by reinventing a classic and elegant style with fashionable children’s clothes for all occasions. 


A spirit full of chic inspires the next season from Pilar Batanero. Lightweight and versatile fabrics give it a casual look to a varied collection. Reference's Spanish firm in Spanish kids fashion, Pilar Batanero has an exquisite career.


During 17 years, the firm has been prominent for its high quality and exclusive designs, as well as its excellent dressmaking. Presenting garments that are aimed at children and young people from 0-14 years, Pilar Batanero's collections blend classic elegance with a new look. The designs stand out for their simplicity and comfort, as well as for its distinguished touch.


Paccina Paccina is a luxurious baby and boys wear line. Catered to the more discriminating customer.  P&P only uses the finest fabrics and the most up to date in fashion style.  P&P has captured the attention for over 13 years of Parents and Grandparents who understand and relate to affordable luxury. 


CAMBRASS is located in the city of Ontinyent in Valencia (Spain), a textile cluster par excellence. From the very start, the company has been characterised by a total wager on the 

quality of its clothing. This high standard which it has set for itself has merited the recognition of both domestic and international markets alike.


Petit Oh

Peru and Barcelona, Spain

Petit Oh! was founded 13 years ago as a basic line for babies that stood out for the

quality of its Pima cotton, the softest and most durable cotton you can find, as its

fans confirm.

The brand is for babies from 0 to 2 years old that has won the heart of

mums and dads, thanks to its softness.


Barcelona, Spain

Melico is a Spanish brand of children's fashion, designed in the city of Barcelona. We address children from birth to 8 years of age.
Melico, is known for being a children's fashion brand with a renovated classic style and a lot of Mediterranean inspiration.
Our designs are made from our small workshop, are composed by having smoked colors, simple and comfortable shapes for babies and children and very warm and fresh fabrics.





Our company was established in 1997 and is specialized in baby and children wear. The development of our innovative company is based on tradition and quality.

The selection of high quality materials stands at the centre, as well as multi-functionality, studious details, safety and the absence of dangerous materials. Apart from intensive quality control during production, we carry out additional checks before the goods leave us, to guarantee the high quality standard of our product.

The collection and design is made in Italy to guarantee high quality garment. We have the production in Italy and Portugal.

Ele-baby and Jump! are collections for punchy kids with size range from 0 to 3 years and 2 to 12 years. The collections offer a complete look to girls and boys with many original prints, embroideries and precious details.

The large choice of our fabrics goes from plush and elasticated jersey, jeans, velvet and gabardine for pants and sporty skirts, and is completed by our knitwear.

It is our aim to be a strong and reliable partner for trade, with a convincing product for the end user.

Mademoiselle a Soho

Elfie Fate

Girona, Spain

"Elfi e Fate" was born in 2010 in Costa Brava, Catalonia. It was created with passion, love and dedication of its creator, the designer Marcela Dezi.

The sweetness and warmth of the handmade is what inspires our designs, because we want to be perfect for our sweet little costumers.

 Timeless, simple and comfortable designs made in soft, harmonic colors, with materials such as cotton fabric, linen, batiste, cotton voales, totally handmade finished and presented in exclusive packagings designed to be ready to give as a present.

We design and manufacture products with the highest quality, selecting the softest and most comfortable fabrics taking care of even the smallest detail.

We love what we do above all things and this is clearly reflected in our clothing and accessories.

All our products are manufactured with 100% cotton fabrics and organic cotton of European origin, from countries such as Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.


Marquise de Laborde

france, portugal

Marquise de Laborde is a French Artisan high end children’s brand ages 0 – 8 years old.

Eco-responsable , Ethical to empower Women Employees ( and hence their children)

Uses only OEKO TEX ISO 100 level 1 Chemical Free fabrics made in Europe

100% Organic cotton with GOTS Label

Fabrics are custom made in France/Portugal/Spain or Italy

Sweet Bamboo

Sweet Bamboo was Established in 2012 by native New Yorker, Wendy Besio - designer, registered dietitian, mother of three!

While on assignment in Shanghai, China with her husband, son, and growing baby belly, Wendy rolled up her sleeves and discovered what doing business in China was all about.   What started as a simple quest to find the ‘perfect fabric’ for her then unborn son, turned into kilos of colors and racks of cute little clothes. 

Wendy chose bamboo as the source for her fabric after months of research and testing.  “I wanted fabric that was different than traditional cotton; something that felt like cashmere and silk combined.  I was seeking soft, hypoallergenic, and sustainable” said Wendy.  After watching new shoots of bamboo grow 1 to 2 feet seemingly overnight, she sought out a manufacturing company that produced Oeko-Tex certified bamboo fabrics.  She learned of bamboo’s baby-friendly properties, loved its sustainability and the rest was history.  The fabric is divine!

Sweet Bamboo products are incredibly soft and accommodating – perfect for little lifestyles.  Our clothes offer effortless style with fresh colors and clean lines. 

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